About Gülçin Bilecen

I was born in 1959 in Ankara, and after primary school I have continued my education in Istanbul. In 1981 I have graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Dentistry. During my university education I have taken Ottoman illumination and embellishment courses from Prof. Dr. Süheyl Ünver. I have started my professional career as a dentist in Antalya and I am still working in my private clinic. I am married and have two children. Since 2007 I paint and draw in my free time.


I have started to draw with Indian ink without a blueprint but with my thoughts, dreams and feelings. After drawing with ink, I paint them with watercolor and acrylic techniques. In my art there are messages, critiques and inquiries to the conflicts and inconsistencies of our global world. They mirror the insurgence of individuals against societal degradation, isolation and estrangement with a rather positive perspective.


My first art exhibition took place at Fikret Otyam Exhibition Center between September and November 2014 in Antalya, Turkey. I have displayed 50 of my artwork with the theme 'My World'. 


Since June 2015 my artwork is on display at one of the world's renowned art galleries in London, Walton Fine Arts. For further information please refer here: http://www.waltonfinearts.com/gulcin-bilecen/  

Gülçin Bilecen, Dentist